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The die casting process to resolve


        Pressure casting is a special casting methods in the development of modern metal processing technology a little faster without cutting . It is the process of molten metal in the mold is filled with high pressure at high speed and under high pressure is formed in the crystal solidified casting . High pressure die casting speed is the main feature of . Commonly several tens of MPa pressure , filling speed ( the gate speed ) of 16 to 80 m / sec , the molten metal to fill the mold cavity is extremely short , about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds .
        Since the products produced by this method has high production efficiency , simple process, casting a higher tolerance level , good surface roughness , high mechanical strength, can save a lot of machining processes and equipment , saving raw materials , etc., has become so the country is an important part of the foundry industry .
        Casting process is the three elements of the die casting machine , die casting and alloy combinations to be organically integrated use of the process. The metal casting process by filling the cavity , the pressure , velocity , temperature, process time , and other factors are unified process . Together, these factors and processes influence each other, mutual restraint, and complement each other. Proper selection and adjustment of these factors , so that coherent , in order to obtain the desired results . Therefore, in the die casting process not only pay attention to the structure of the process of casting , die casting mold of advanced, die-casting machine performance and structural superiority , casting alloy smelting process flexibility and choice normative ; emphasis should be given pressure, temperature and time the important role of process parameters such as the quality of castings . In the die casting process, the importance of these parameters should be effectively controlled.


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