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The new die casting technology to promote the development of digital revolution


About casting mold products , there are significant differences in foreign markets and domestic market demand, domestic sales in good condition, does not necessarily mean that it can sell well abroad . However, domestic die casting products in order to have a place in the international market, we must break through the constraints of the following three aspects:
First , there are still many shortcomings of the raw materials used in the die casting industry above .
Second, the technology behind the development of the casting mold making industry is greatly hindered.
Third, the supporting system of die casting industry is not sufficient . Domestic die casting only increase research and development , the adjustment of development mode , solve problems plagued the above three aspects in order to win in the competition in foreign markets .
In the process of casting , sand casting, the most widely used . According to statistics, about 80% of the world have adopted the wooden mold casting mold sand casting , etc. . At present, China has more than 30,000 casting company, casting our 2011 annual production exceeded 40 million tons , consumes a lot of wood and metal .
Therefore, the newly developed digital without casting precision forming technology and equipment , starting directly from the sand processing. The staff simply follow two steps to complete the work .
First, the three-dimensional CAD model casting with computers will need to do it.
Secondly , it will automatically enter the path to the plan without casting precision molding machines, other work is done by machines can be .
It is understood that the use of the die-casting technology can reduce manufacturing costs by 30% -50 % , while the development time can be shortened by 50 % -80 %. Thus, the domestic die casting digital development will enter the international market .


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